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"PEOPLE COMPATIBLE" is a very different and effective training presentation that specializes in compatibility. By inspiring and teaching people to work together we improve the performance of the individual, the leader, the team and thus your company or organization. Teamwork and Leadership skills are enhanced by improving the individual's empathy, sensitivity and communication skills. An "understanding" and "cooperative" work place is developed which will be more productive and more enjoyable to return to everyday.

Our delivery is different! Our training sessions use music, fun and participation without being threatening or embarrassing. We are as entertaining as we are instructional. It is our belief that many people contend they can teach the skills, but it does not necessarily mean they will be learned and if learned it does not guarantee that they will be used. The energy and excitement created are instrumental in not just teaching the skills but inspiring people to use them. We turn the "boring training session" into an enjoyable learning experience.

For a company or organization to achieve a true and lasting success, all of its components must work together. People must be responsible, respectful and motivated to work within or lead a team. By doing this, a united workforce will be created that is more productive and profitable. Just as important, is the fact that the individual can look forward to "going to work" in a climate that will allow them to grow, prosper and be comfortable. In a corporate climate of uncertainty and mistrust "corporate character" must be addressed.

Joe Trionfero is the "entertainer trainer". His style and delivery are different. Enthusiastic, entertaining and motivating are the words used most often to describe him. An experienced professional, with an entertainment background, Joe has been performing at schools, businesses and conferences for the past twenty five years. The combination of his high energy with his down to earth personality are instrumental in capturing the attention of all types of personalities as he presents the skills in a logical, practical yet fun way.

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