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The Acts of Kindness Rewards Program
Rewarding Acts of Kindness and Recognizing their different values

What does the AOK Rewards program do?

1. It encourages, by rewarding, Acts of Kindness in your school performed by your students. Because it is an ongoing program, usually four to six weeks, it truly helps to build a culture of caring in your school community by creating positive behavior and building lasting habits.
2. It teaches, by recognizing, the different values that acts of kindness have. The more difficult the act of kindness is, the greater its value and the greater its reward(s).

How does the AOK Rewards Program work?

1. Every adult in your school (district) receives one book of AOK PAY, including: teachers, office, cafeteria, custodial and administrative staff.
2. Each book has a variety of AOK PAY currency offering four denominations $5s $10s $20s and $50s.
3. When any adult, at any time, witnesses an Act of Kindness that they feel deserves special recognition they tear out and award the amount that they feel that Act of Kindness deserves. The more difficult or valuable the act, the higher the amount awarded. It is always at the discretion of the adult, the denomination to give and whether to award it "at the time" or later in private.
4. The student that accumulates the greatest value (amount) of AOK PAY at the end of the program (the length which you determine) wins the Act of Kindness Prize determined and provided by your school. (T -shirts, sweat shirts, etc.)

For more information or to purchase the AOK Rewards program contact:

Joe Trionfero of Show of Love Assemblies
23 Gettman Drive
Baldwinsville, N.Y. 13027




The program package includes:
  • Instructions on how the rewards program will work in your school
  • Posters (bright pink) to display in your building as a reminder
  • A booklet of AOK pay for every adult in your building
  • A list of AOK prizes and prices (prizes to be provided by you)
Each booklet contains:
  • Twenty $5.00 bills to be awarded for expected acts of kindness
  • Fourteen $10.00 bills to be awarded for easy acts of kindness
  • Ten $20.00 bills to be awarded for exceptional acts of kindness
  • Five $50.00 bills to be awarded for extraordinary acts of kindness

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