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The Character Education Contest

Beginning with the fact that students don't learn about character education unless they are listening to teachers, principals and parents we pose a challenge to your school ….. A listening contest!
This presentation is performed in a very fun, interactive, "game show" style. Listening skills are featured and challenged as the students who show they can listen the best, in a name that tune format, are invited to the stage for three different segments. Here they are given the opportunity to be leaders, role models and heroes as they further display their extraordinary listening skills by defining, applying or modeling:

Respect they learned from listening to their teachers
Rules of the school they learned from listening to the principal
Responsibility they learned from listening to their parents

Throughout this process, students are unknowingly and effectively reinforcing the key components of Character Education. This is a great way to spotlight your schools' own individual code of conduct as we can customize the show to your administrator's specific areas of concern. Your code of conduct is put into a context they understand because it is translated into words, concepts and expected behavior that your students describe in their own words. The highpoint of the presentation showcases the ultimate importance that responsibility has and the role it plays in the choices we make. Students are challenged to listen to their own hearts and "do the right thing" as they are placed into ten "character education situations". The show concludes with students and staff joining together in "the grand finale" proving that, in fact, they all have listened ….to their grandparents. In a segment called "Grandparents Wisdom" each finalist must finish/recite the ending of two dozen "old sayings". These are the same proverbs that have become the very pillars of Character Education as they have been handed down for generations. We start with, "If you can't say something nice…and end with "Treat people the way… as "The Golden Rule" is the foundation that these pillars are built on.

Read You Like A Book
(Understanding Through Literacy)

This program is a direct off-shoot of "The Character Ed. Contest"

"Read You Like a Book" is a fun, interactive assembly program that makes the strong connection between Literacy and Character Education. It is a direct offshoot of the "Character Ed. Contest" as we feel Literacy and respect are very closely related. By developing a greater awareness and appreciation of the language arts, students are better equipped to more effectively communicate. This improved connection allows them to better understand each other and ultimately this breeds respect. Teamwork is an integral part of this presentation as students, teachers and staff work together. This contest stresses the importance of listening, speaking, reading and writing and the role they play in helping us to learn more about each other and the world we share. A series of trivia questions and challenges in music, literature, respect and responsibility are presented in a popular game show format. The element of competition, within a cooperative environment, captivates the interest of all age groups. This show is a great kick off for reading programs such as P.A.R.P., or as a catalyst to spark reading enthusiasm. It also serves as a wonderful kick off or supplement to your schools character education program.

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